My healing journey

I’ve been moving forward in my healing journey lately and it’s making me hopeful and happy. I’d like to share some thoughts on how I’m trying to heal from a long term illness.

In the west we are used to taking the easy way out. If we are sick we want a shot, a pill or surgery and then get back to business. We are too busy. In my previous attempts at combating my illness I used to focus on one thing only. In my case it was the diet. I though that if I only cut out all sugar, alcohol, gluten and ate an all vegan organic diet then I’d heal. While of course it’s great to eat healthy that alone won’t heal you. So what I’ve been changing lately is that I’ve added a full toolbox of healing modalities that supports my health.

First of all I have started believing that I can actually heal. I try to imagine the best periods in my life when I’ve been the healthiest and I try to see myself like that right now. If you can’t even imagine it, how is it going to manifest? We need to actively make space for healing in our life and we need to believe and see that it’s actually going to happen. Visualization is powerful!

Secondly I’ve asked myself what is my illness teaching me? Through my illness I have learned to listen to myself and to follow my intuition. If I didn’t have a physical limitation I would just keep going and going, always doing what I thought I should do and never what I actually wanted to. It has also brought me closer to the big questions in life, like life’s meaning, my true purpose and the higher consciousness. I feel grateful for those lessons that have come through my illness. And those things have changed my life for the better.

Then we have the emotional and mental aspect. This is such important work when trying to heal. I’ve been asking myself does my illness fulfill a need? Is my illness such a big part of my identity that I’m actually holding on to it? Does my illness serve me in any way? It might be hard to work on this one, but very important none the less. Journaling has helped me a lot here.

Another aspects is repressed emotions. I have been learning more and more about the mind-body connection and the impact repressed emotions can have on our physical wellbeing. Everything from personality traits (perfections, people pleasing etc) to repressed anger and fear can show up in the body as pain and other symptoms. Letting these out through expressive writing/journaling is a powerful way to heal.

Herbs and supplement is another tool that is really important for me right now. I’ll share more about that in another post.

Maybe the most important tool for me has been meditation. When going through such a transformational time of my life having a meditation routine has brought stability and not to mention patience and compassion for myself and my healing.

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