I’m a certified yoga teacher and a chronic pain warrior with a passion for holistic health, self-development and spirituality. When I don’t cook up healthy plant based meals or do my daily yoga and meditation practice I love to write and share my thoughts and knowledge about holistic health here on my blog or on my Instagram page. 

I’ve been battling chronic pain since the age of 9 (my diagnosis is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and even if this struggle has been extremely hard it has also led me on a spiritual path in which I’ve uncovered who I really am. Through the hardships I’ve been connected to my highest self and I’m so grateful of that. 

I’ve come really far on my healing journey even though I admit that there’ll never come a day when I’m done. I’m not letting fear of the pain control my life like it once used to. With all of the amazing healing modalities that I use (like yoga, pranayama, meditation, journaling, nutrition and self reflection) I am now living a full and happy life.

I am here to inspire others on their healing journey and to guide you through the darkness until you find your own inner light.